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The most asked question about satellite imagery: what does it cost?

SwitchMyFleet now part of the Sustainable Business Network Climate Action Toolbox

The space economy inflection point: C-suite executives urged to embrace the opportunity presented by satellite imagery

In our transition to electric vehicles, are we focusing on the right target?

The newly branded SwitchMyFleet EV calibration vehicle

Using next generation satellite imagery to map Carbon Accounting Areas for ETS

New research shows digital technology can help deliver 42% of the emissions reductions required to meet 2030 targets

Critchlow Geospatial receives further government co-funding for EV fleet cost benefit evaluation tool SwitchMyFleet

Announcing the launch of the New Zealand Satellite Imagery Marketplace

Satellogic – the newest addition to the Satellite Imagery Marketplace

SI Imaging Services Joins NZ Satellite Services Marketplace

Webinar: SAR 101 - Everything you should know about Synthetic Aperture Radar technology

Introducing Critchlow Geospatial’s new tagline: “Innovating for a low carbon future”

NZ’s Emissions Reduction Plan: Targets only achievable if geospatial science and technology is front and centre

Another award for Critchlow Geospatial for SwitchMyFleet at the 2022 Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards

Imagery comparison tool empowers people to find the right satellite service for the job

Critchlow Geospatial takes out Technical Excellence honours at the 2021 Spatial Excellence Awards for its SwitchMyFleet solution

Two-day turnaround for earth observation satellite data

Critchlow offers high-resolution 3D maps from NTT Data using satellite imagery from Maxar Technologies

The new technology space race in satellite services for the insurance sector

Critchlow Geospatial customer honoured

Critchlow Geospatial adds Pixxel to portfolio of satellite service providers

Critchlow Geospatial and SwitchMyFleet Big Winners at the Geospatial World Innovation Awards 2021

Next generation satellite services: High definition imagery, daily change detection & multi-spectral derived data

Critchlow Geospatial brings Capella Space services to New Zealand

To infinity and beyond! Satellite services comes of age.

Thinking of switching your fleet to EVs? We can help you build your business case

Now's a great time to get this into next year’s council budget

Improved efficiency, better decision making for New Zealand's primary sector

Is satellite imagery the missing link for farm plans?

New Zealand in focus: 48 cm resolution images from over 700 km away

Leave your gumboots at home

Satellite imagery reveals a 49% increase in tree felling in Europe

Critchlow Geospatial receives government co-funding to build free-to-air website for EV fleet cost-benefit evaluation

The power of derived data from regularly updated satellite imagery

A satellite-eye view key for the future of NZ’s primary sector

Positioning geospatial data for the 21st Century - it’s time to switch to modern datums

Critchlow/Maxar partnership launch on-demand, high resolution satellite imagery for New Zealand

A game-changing partnership bringing affordable, on-demand satellite imagery and data to the New Zealand market

Steve Critchlow honoured as NZIS Fellow.

Why NationalMap? 5 Reasons Your Business Needs New Zealand's Most Trusted Mapping Solution

What you need to know about MapInfo Pro Licensing and Serial Numbers

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