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by Will Tilsley, on 05-Oct-2022 10:33:02

Affordable, high-frequency, high-resolution imagery captured daily - on a global scale I'm delighted to confirm another partner addition to Critchlow Geospatial’s carefully curated Satellite Imagery Marketplace – Satellogic. Satellogic’s comprehensive …

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by William Tilsley, Imagery Specialist, on 11-Jul-2022 13:40:48

An educational, on-demand webinar from Capella Space - the industry’s innovation leader - that delves into what SAR satellite data is, how it differs from optical satellite data, and some …

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by William Tilsley, Imagery Specialist, on 16-Dec-2021 14:20:46

SpaceWill joins Critchlow Geospatial’s Satellite Services one-stop-shop If you’ve been following our journey, you will have noticed that, over the past year or so, Critchlow Geospatial has been building a …

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by Steve Critchlow, Group Managing Director, on 10-Dec-2020 11:51:27

A new eBook that looks at why satellite imagery is a key tool to visualise and monitor change As the driving force of New Zealand’s economy, the primary sector encompasses …

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