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Independent Measurement Services

Independent Measurement Services

At Critchlow Geospatial, we support New Zealand's efforts to improve our country's productivity levels. With a team of professionally qualified geospatial professionals, we assist our customers to add value to their businesses, enabling sustainability through improved management practices.

We work with a broad range of New Zealand government and private sector organisations, bringing a geospatial dimension to how they gather and analyse the information that drives their business decisions. Location intelligence helps people make smart, insightful decisions that ultimately improve business and productivity. 

How We Can Help

For businesses that require confidence in setting prices, determining risk, and monitoring services, we can help.

Our team of qualified professionals apply proven standardised processes to measure distances, areas and counts, using the latest New Zealand satellite imagery and geospatial information systems.

We can help you interrogate difference aspects of place, location, and time, enabling you to visualise, model, evaluate and monitor change; and to test and refine options.

Together, these support better decision-making, improved operational efficiencies, and provides empirical evidence for policy development and project implementation, all of which contribute to improved productivity for New Zealand and deliver confidence to your stakeholders and clients.


Increase your confidence when making critical decisions and save time and effort in compliance monitoring.


Automate the measurement of distances, areas and counts using the latest satellite imagery to reduce effort, increase accuracy and deliver confidence.

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