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IQ Office

IQ Office offers a complete, highly integrated solution to identify and resolve data quality issues, including address validation and geocoding.

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IQ Office Product

About IQ Office

IQ Office is a New Zealand Post SendRight™ certified suite of software for resolving data quality issues in complex, high-volume, and multi-platform business environments. It provides address validation, geocoding, data profiling, parsing and standardisation, record matching, and de-duplication functionality all in an integrated set of components.

IQ Office products are tuned for New Zealand’s address standard and idiosyncrasies.

How IQ Office can benefit you

By combining Critchlow Geospatial’s local knowledge with New Zealand’s comprehensive address dataset, CNAR, and Intech’s best-of-breed software and state-of-the-art matching algorithms, IQ Office provides a range of data quality services with unparalleled performance, match rates, and accuracy.

Key features

  • A complete, highly integrated solution to resolve data quality issues
  • Cleanse address data (parsed, deduplicated, standardised and matched to authoritative reference data (such as CNAR) before geocoding
  • Tolerates and corrects misspelled or incomplete addresses as input
  • Returns geocode quality
  • High speed batch or real-time processing for websites

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