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For any organisation that is serious about reducing their carbon footprint, using satellite imagery, in addition to (and perhaps instead of) aerial imagery, will
reduce their emissions and enable them to achieve their targets much more expediently.

Satellite imagery available for commercial use in New Zealand is on a rapid growth curve. The intelligence and insight gained by using fit-for-purpose
satellite imagery can deliver significant benefits to New Zealand business and government, in particular, in the area of environmental risk assessment and

The speed at which this imagery can be captured and disseminated, in concert with advanced image analysis capability, makes satellite imagery a powerful
enabler of change monitoring and decision-making - unlike any other geospatial data source.

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A location intelligence game changer


To many organisations, using satellite imagery to solve problems is a new frontier. It's a complicated proposition and the rapid pace of change and new players entering the market can make this domain a difficult one to keep up with. The impact of this is that the uptake can be slow, despite the need being for urgent or important purposes.

At Critchlow Geospatial, we are making it easier for people to kickstart their satellite imagery journey by providing knowledge and insights that are easy to consume and ready to support a business case.

We are building a carefully curated marketplace of global satellite services providers, publishing the information about each partner's offerings that you can use to assess and build your case for its use.


We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.


We developed the marketplace so that you can find the information easily, and at the right level of detail for your needs.

With new satellites being launched all the time, we keep a close watch on providers (and their offerings) that we believe will be of use to New Zealand organisations.

We also provide enabling tools such as GIS and an advanced range of GIS map data.



Here's what you need to get started


We know it can be overwhelming for organisations that are early in their satellite imagery journey to find the right match for the requirements – so here’s how we’re making it easy for you.

  1. Do your own independent research by using our shortlisting tool found in the next section to compare specifications including resolutions, imagery bands, and price bands for archive imagery and new tasking.
  2. Take advantage of our team’s technical knowledge. Let us do the research for you to present the options that best fit your requirements and budget. So, get in touch.
  3. Build your own expertise and knowledge about satellite imagery through our online content including website content, blogs, eBooks and webinars or subscribe to our newsletter.
  4. Remove the burden of procuring from offshore companies. Buying your imagery through us means that you pay in NZ dollars from a NZ supplier with the NZ terms and conditions that your organisation is familiar with.


Our Partners at a glance



Determine what is fit-for-your-purpose with our satellite products shortlisting tool


Satellite data procurement is relatively complex, so any purchase is a considered one. It requires the purchaser to understand a specific set of technical criteria to find a good match between their business requirements and the capabilities of the providers.

To help you make sound, informed choices, use this tool to efficiently view the differences between imagery options, thus enabling you to create your shortlist.

By comparing side-by-side images of the same area (in this case, Ashburton), you can efficiently rule in or rule out options.

The tool is simple to use, yet powerful in the information it provides. It makes it easier for you to compare options (i.e. resolution, imagery bands, access to archive imagery and the ability to task) between popular satellite providers to build your own shortlist.

To learn more about this tool could help you, read our blog.


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Maxar provides advanced space-based technology solutions to deliver unmatched integrated capabilities in earth imagery, geospatial data, analytics and insights, satellites and robotics.

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Capella Space offers Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology to give a different perspective from other EO providers, offering important advantages that traditional earth observation sensors cannot provide: SAR transcends the elements of weather and the darkness of night.


If immediate access to current high resolution (50 cm), cloud-free (<=10%) imagery across all of New Zealand or tightly focused urban areas of your choice to support your projects or analysis is a capability you need now, then SI Imaging might be your solution. Introductory pricing and generous licensing for use with up to 5 organisations are standard.


Affordable, high-frequency, high-resolution imagery.
When quick turnaround to tasking and archive imagery matter, look to Satellogic. Satellogic’s large constellation of 200+ satellites can map the earth every day. They offer a highly agile and cost effective offering for rapid tasking and archive.


For organisations that need quick turnaround, SpaceWill can provide data in two days offering four collection modes including long strip, multi-strip, multi-point and stereoscopic collections.

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NTT Data is helping customers moving confidently into the digital future, offering the world’s first 3D global map with 5 metre resolution - and a one-week lead time.

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Pixxel’s unique hyperspectral capability enables organisations to unearth underlying – unseen - problems that are invisible to satellites in orbit today.

Maxar Technologies

Critchlow Geospatial partners with world-leading satellite services company, Maxar, who says that the answers to some of the world's most pressing problems are within reach “if we elevate our perspective and see things more objectively, more holistically—from space.”

Maxar offers industry-leading multispectral and super-spectral optical imagery with rich, clear imagery that is accurate to 30 cm resolution. New images of New Zealand are available daily and Maxar offers a tasking service.

Our number one bestseller is SecureWatch®, Maxar’s web-based subscription service popular with analysts who monitor areas of persistent change and need access to data from as long ago as 20 years.

Learn more -

By complementing aerial imagery with satellite imagery, Greater Wellington Regional Council strengthens their monitoring capability. Read our case study here.


Capella Space

Capella Space’s mission is to “make timely Earth observation an essential tool for commerce, conservation, and well-being. A world that shares a richer understanding of life on our planet will be a better place to live; we contribute to that knowledge by documenting change across the globe in entirely new and powerful ways.”

Capella Space offers Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology to give a different perspective from other EO providers, offering important advantages that traditional earth observation sensors cannot provide.

SAR transcends the elements of weather and the darkness of night. Despite its cool factor, Capella’s SAR data is surprisingly affordable and provides resolution up to 50cm.

Learn more -

Watch this educational, on-demand webinar from Capella Space (the industry’s innovation leader) that delves into what SAR satellite data is, how it differs from optical satellite data, and some of its applications.

SI Imaging Services

SI Imaging Services is a leading provider of high-resolution earth observation satellite imagery, data and geospatial information services.

Their mission is to provide “fair access to space” and this fits perfectly with Critchlow Geospatial’s vision of fundamentally democratising access to satellite services in New Zealand through expert curation and strong partner relationships. Their KOMPSAT (Korean Multi-Purpose Satellite) constellation is a part of the South Korean government’s space development programme. Being an integral part of their national space program means that KOMPSAT’s data continuity is guaranteed (for both optical and SAR).

SI Imaging holds an extensive archive catalogue of more than 15,000 imagery captures with low cloud coverage going back to the start of 2013.The constellation is comprised of 4 satellites with resolution that has evolved to 40 cm with the launch of KOMPSAT-3A.

Learn more - 

Find out about the vast high resolution imagery library of New Zealand that SI Imaging offers.


Satellogic is paving the way to meet their mission of “creating a searching Earth” through building up a large constellation of 200+ satellites that can map the earth everyday.

At present, they have successfully launched 25+ satellites already capable of capturing high-quality imagery with rapid tasking frequency and response at 70 cm resolution, perfect for those cases that require a very quick turnaround.

Satellogic prides itself with providing a highly agile and cost-effective approach to earth observation. The high quality sub-metre data produced by Satellogic is complemented by one of the industry’s most budget friendly price points for tasking and archive.

Contact us to find out more →


SpaceWill Info. Co, Ltd. is a providing very high resolution (VHR) satellite imagery down to 40 cm through being the major distributor of the SuperView-1 and SuperView-2 commercial imaging satellite constellations.

This SuperView satellite imagery is a cost-effective option for tasking-based needs. SpaceWill can also accommodate fast two-day turnaround with the SuperView-1’s capability of daily revisit at any point over the country. 

In addition to the VHR satellite imagery, SpaceWill also provides a range of large-swath medium resolution imagery, providing added flexibility and options.


Learn more - 

Read this story about SpaceWill's two-day turnaround.

NTT Data

NTT Data is part of NTT Group, a trusted global innovator of IT and business services, headquartered in Tokyo. Their mission is to “help customers move confidently into the digital future” and offers the world’s first 3D global map with 5 metre resolution.

If you need to see objects in greater detail, then you will want to consider NTT Data’s AW3D, the world’s most precise global 3D map. AW3D covers all global spaces with 5 metre resolution. In urban areas, 3D data is available at 0.5 metre resolution. AW3D utilises Maxar Technologies’ satellite images.

Contact us to find out more →

Read this to find out more about NTT Data’s 3D mapping offerings.


Pixxel is a space data company that is building a constellation of hyperspectral earth imaging satellites to provide coverage every 24 hours, with the aim of detecting, monitoring, and predicting global phenomena.

Their partners include the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Maxar Technologies.

Using cutting edge hyperspectral smallsats with a refresh rate of 24 hours, Pixxel provides highly detailed data that provides insights for the primary sector (e.g. crop/soil health, moisture levels, crop species), lifeline providers (e.g. oil and gas leakages), and environmental agencies (e.g. pollution).

With two operational satellites in orbit and six more launching in 2023, Pixxel is already bringing the benefits of space down to earth and building a true health monitor for the planet.

Learn more - 

Read this blog to find out more about Pixxel’s hyperspectral satellite imaging constellation that’s providing ~25x more information than most current existing multispectral satellites.

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