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Access the world-class MapInfo Pro Desktop mapping and spatial analytics software.

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MapInfo Pro Product

About MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro offers powerful location analytics and visualisation which is underpinned by a dedication to ease of use. As a stand-alone, all-encompassing package, MapInfo is simple to buy, and you can rely on Critchlow’s 30-year history of selling and supporting MapInfo Pro to ensure you can create your own powerful visualisations and spatial analytics.

How MapInfo Pro can benefit you

Use MapInfo Pro (and MapInfo Pro Advanced) to see patterns and identify trends more easily with detailed maps and graphics, enabling your people to make more informed decisions and capitalise on untapped business opportunities. 

Key features

  • As a stand-alone package, it’s a straight forward purchase (no extra modules to buy)
  • Powerful mapping and geographic analysis enabling users to visualise the relationships between data and geography
  • Supports a vast range of data formats including imagery
  • CAD data creation and editing tools
  • Flexible map display and visualisation options
  • Data sharing and publishing options

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