We provide the data, tools and expertise to get the spatial insights that lead to smarter, braver business decisions.

What We Do

For 30 years, we've enabled people to see, share, and understand information so they make the best business and operational decisions.



Independent Measurement Services

Our standardised processes, along with authoritative and current data, is used for contracts and legal documents, giving you confidence in setting pricing and for monitoring service levels.


Operational Efficiency

We design, build and support solutions that improve business efficiency such as optimising transport routes, establishing appropriate location-based pricing, and providing hazard information that reduces health and safety risks.


Risk Distribution

Using current, high resolution satellite imagery, banking and insurance analysts match the location of an asset with hazard data and other factors for premium calculation to save time and accurately locate an asset (even a recently build asset).


Route Optimisation

Sophisticated route planning and optimisation solutions for New Zealand solve complex routing problems, reduce planning time, maximise fleet utilisation and deliver outstanding business results.

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