We provide the data, tools and expertise to get the geospatial insights that lead to smarter, braver business decisions.

What We Do

For 30 years, Critchlow Geospatial has worked with organisations throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific to help them make smarter business and operational decisions by leveraging the power of geospatial information and technology.


Independent Measurement Services

Independent Measurement Services

Our team has the professional qualifications to apply standardised processes to authoritative data for use in contracts and legal documents which gives our customers confidence in setting prices and for monitoring service levels.


Operational Efficiency

We design, build and support solutions that improve business efficiency such as optimising transport routes, establishing appropriate location-based pricing, and providing hazard information that reduces health and safety risks.


Risk Distribution

We provide near real-time, high resolution satellite imagery so that banking and insurance analysts can accurately locate assets, along with other factors such as hazard data to efficiently and accurately calculate premiums and risk margins.


Route Optimisation

Designed for both large and small businesses, sophisticated route planning and optimisation solutions that solve complex routing problems, reduce planning time, maximise fleet utilisation and deliver outstanding results. Get it right the first time, every time - anywhere in New Zealand.

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