Case studies

See how similar organisations solved their location-based challenges.

Regional Government sees bigger picture with satellite imagery

Regional Government sees bigger picture with satellite imagery

By complementing aerial imagery with satellite imagery, the Greater Wellington Regional Council strengthens monitoring capability.

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Freshbake driver and van-1-1

Smart routing delivery planner - integral to growth

Discover how Smart Routing for Small Business helped FreshBake cope with increased demand.

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Learn how Seeka’s wider business operations have been revolutionised through “spatial enablement”. 

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Auckland Council

Find out how a sophisticated geospatial model has helped Auckland Council better understand land development potential - in a fraction of the time of previous Capacity for Growth studies.

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Ministry of Education

Discover how Critchlow's location-enabled solution has reduced the complexity and cost of route planning and maintenance for New Zealand's school bus transport services.

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Using spatial analysis to build a location-based pricing model

With a high level of risk in getting the pricing wrong, it was essential to find a way to price their services so that the business’ reputation and customer relationships were protected by avoiding under or over charging customers.

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