Case studies

See how similar organisations solved their location-based challenges.

Freshbake driver and van-1-1

Smart routing delivery planner - integral to growth

Discover how Smart Routing for Small Business helped FreshBake cope with increased demand.

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Learn how Seeka’s wider business operations have been revolutionised through “spatial enablement”. 

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Auckland Council

Find out how a sophisticated geospatial model has helped Auckland Council better understand land development potential - in a fraction of the time of previous Capacity for Growth studies.

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Ministry of Education

Discover how Critchlow's location-enabled solution has reduced the complexity and cost of route planning and maintenance for New Zealand's school bus transport services.

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Using spatial analysis to build a location-based pricing model

With a high level of risk in getting the pricing wrong, it was essential to find a way to price their services so that the business’ reputation and customer relationships were protected by avoiding under or over charging customers.

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