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Critchlow Geospatial receives further government co-funding for EV fleet cost benefit evaluation tool SwitchMyFleet

by Steve Critchlow, Group Managing Director, on 22-Nov-2022 10:28:34

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Critchlow Geospatial is pleased to announce that it has received additional co-funding from the third round of the Government’s Low Emission Transport Fund (LETF) to extend the functionality of our SwitchMyFleet tool.

The LETF is administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and supports the demonstration and adoption of low emission transport technology, innovation and infrastructure to accelerate the decarbonisation of the New Zealand transport sector.

SwitchMyFleet is Critchlow Geospatial’s free online evaluation tool for organisations considering switching their commercial vehicle fleet to electric power.

SwitchMyFleet uses authoritative New Zealand address and road network data from NationalMap and the user’s own real-world fleet configuration and route inputs to calculate the metrics businesses need to build their case to transition. 

However, due to the variability of New Zealand roads and our seasonal weather changes, the SwitchMyFleet energy algorithm can be enhanced further by capturing  “real-world” BEV calibration data from New Zealand.

More locally-derived BEV calibration data will give us even greater confidence that SwitchMyFleet’s outputs are within 5% of real-world measurements. The new tranche of LETF funding will provide for a dedicated electric car to be used for the purposes of generating and collecting this data, so that we can more accurately calibrate the SwitchMyFleet model.

In addition, the new calibration car will be branded with “SwitchMyFleet Calibration Vehicle” and EECA branding to increase awareness and encourage earlier EV adoption on its travels.  

We have a rich history of delivering route optimisation solutions for transport businesses and we very much share EECA’s vision of mobilising New Zealanders to be world leaders in clean and clever energy use.   

We also believe that the funding for a SwitchMyFleet calibration vehicle showcases the kind of innovative thinking and collaboration that will be required as we all prepare for our low carbon future.

While SwitchMyfleet is already a multi-award winning success, EECA’s continued confidence in the value of the initiative is gratifying and we’re very grateful for their ongoing support and collaboration. 

This funding is yet another great endorsement of the value SwitchMyFleet can provide to organisations that are looking to improve their fleet’s green credentials.

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