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How business decision-making is improved with location-based data

A national view of New Zealand for emergency planners and responders

Positioning geospatial data for the 21st Century - it’s time to switch to modern datums

Visualisation of risk and opportunity helps Seeka and their growers optimise orchard returns

Is route planning the biggest waste in waste management?

Critchlow/Maxar partnership launch on-demand, high resolution satellite imagery for New Zealand

A game-changing partnership bringing affordable, on-demand satellite imagery and data to the New Zealand market

Reducing costs and improving efficiencies through accurate address data

NationalMap, the proud Diamond Partner of 2019 NZ Spatial Excellence Awards

Seven Key Features to Look for in an Address Validation and Geocoding Tool.

How Address Validation and Geocoding at Point of Capture Can Resolve Your Organisation's Data Quality Issues.

A different perspective: How zoom-level data is advancing vertical insights

MapInfo Pro v17 is here and it's stronger, smarter and simpler thanks to you.

Here's what's new in the upcoming SSA release...

Introducing New Zealand's first nationally-standardised Emergency Management Basemap.

Steve Critchlow honoured as NZIS Fellow.

2017 New Zealand Location Intelligence Forum: a recap.

Pitney Bowes recognised as an ABA100 winner in Software Innovation for MapInfo Pro™ Advanced.

The Four Biggest Benefits of Improving Your Organisation's Address Data Quality.

Here's What's New in the Latest NationalMap Release.

How to access the latest Aerial Imagery for New Zealand in MapInfo Pro.

Mastering MapInfo Pro 64-bit - #4 The Best of Old and New

8 New Features and Changes in the Latest NationalMap Release.

Mastering MapInfo Pro 64-bit - #3 Context is King

Mastering MapInfo Pro 64-bit - #2 Right-click For Speed

Critchlow proud to be announced as a finalist in the 2016 New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards.

Mastering MapInfo Pro 64-bit - #1 Control Your Windows

We're giving New Zealand roads a (digital) makeover.

Get behind the Kiwi geospatial industry with the NZ Spatial Excellence Awards!

Working at Critchlow: Chloe Dupuis, Intern

Why NationalMap? 5 Reasons Your Business Needs New Zealand's Most Trusted Mapping Solution

NationalMap Add-on Modules: Find the One That's Right for Your Business

5 Key NationalMap Updates That Add Even More Detail and Value.

Geomarketing: The Future of Customer Acquisition is Here

Spatial Analysis: The Only Tool You Need When Pricing by Location

Gut Feel and Spatial Modelling: A Match Made in Retail Site Selection Heaven

What you need to know about MapInfo Pro Licensing and Serial Numbers

Where to find New Zealand Grid data for use in MapInfo Pro Advanced

5 key benefits of the MapInfo MRR file format

What value does the private sector add to road centreline GIS data in New Zealand?

Creating Beautiful Maps Quickly with MapInfo Pro Advanced

All you need to know about MapInfo Pro Smart Indexing

How to access the LINZ Data Service basemaps in MapInfo Pro and Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Raster GIS: the trade-off is over with MapInfo Pro Advanced and MRR

Top Tips for Making the MapInfo Pro Ribbon Work for You

What’s new in MapInfo Stratus – Jan 2015

Getting smart with location intelligence and retail store network optimisation

Why We Love FME (And You Should, Too!)

The top 10 data sources for finding profitable retail locations.

How Location Intelligence Can Improve Transit Advertising Measurement

5 Datasets for Evaluating Retail Site Infrastructure Characteristics

How can consumer data be used to create market profiles?

How can a trade area be analysed?

Why Location is the Most Important Factor in Retail Success

Critchlow add Business Continuity Plan Software to portfolio


MapInfo Stratus gets Open

NZ Transport Agency aerial imagery

Critchlow goes Trans-Tasman

Stratus goes Live for South Waikato DC

MapCAD for MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Professional v11.5

Critchlow to resell NAVTEQ® Map Data

Critchlow Plugs-in at the Plugfest

The MapInfo Professional e-Journal

FME, Sensors and Complex Event Processing

Got a Pitney Bowes Software idea? Well, share it…

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