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How business decision-making is improved with location-based data

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 14-Oct-2019 10:39:00

Opportunity Density converted to price bands.

‘’Policy on a map’’ is a new white paper that looks at the impact spatial intelligence can have at all stages of the policy process

When one of Critchlow’s private sector clients was facing challenges around pricing its service delivery across the country, they began looking at ways of building a policy that ensured a consistent pricing regime. This was easier said than done, as the client provided its services across a wide range of residential customers - urban, rural, and remote.

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Topics: Spatial, Data, Location Intelligence

A national view of New Zealand for emergency planners and responders

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 10-Oct-2019 15:52:10

As much as we don’t like to think of them, disasters and hazardous events do happen. If one were to occur, could you quickly find the critical location intelligence you need to formulate an effective response?

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Positioning geospatial data for the 21st Century - it’s time to switch to modern datums

Posted by Andrew Clouston on 08-Oct-2019 12:53:55

The business case is clear for migrating from NZGD1949 to NZGD2000 and to use NZVD2016

Twenty years ago, Land Information New Zealand recognised that New Zealand needed to ensure that its positioning infrastructure was in line with global systems, such as GPS. The first step was a new geodetic datum and associated projections; the second step was to improve how heights are defined with a new vertical datum. 

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Topics: Projection, NZGD1949, NZGD2000, NZVD2016, Positional accuracy, Elevation, Orthometric heights, Datum, Geospatial, Geodesy, Vertical datum, Clouston

Visualisation of risk and opportunity helps Seeka and their growers optimise orchard returns

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 12-Sep-2019 12:13:03

“From retail and investor marketing, to better decision making so we grow more efficiently with higher yields. Even through to assisting with the layout of new orchard developments and planning of various blocks, Seeka Maps has been a real game-changer.”

Jason Swain, GM Information Systems, Seeka

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Topics: Spatial, Spatial Analysis, Data

Is route planning the biggest waste in waste management?

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 09-Sep-2019 14:01:40

Spatial intelligence can transform the effectiveness of major operational challenges like route planning, with waste management collection contracts a key example.

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Topics: Spatial, Routing

Critchlow/Maxar partnership launch on-demand, high resolution satellite imagery for New Zealand

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 12-Aug-2019 16:03:57

Recently, Critchlow hosted a very successful launch event for our partnership with Maxar Technologies, in Wellington.

This event was to announce and celebrate the new partnership between Critchlow and Maxar and to introduce attendees to the game-changing high-resolution, affordable, on-demand satellite imagery and analytical systems that Maxar produces. What follows is our recap of the event for those not able to attend in person.

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Topics: NZ Geospatial, NationalMap, News, Maxar

A game-changing partnership bringing affordable, on-demand satellite imagery and data to the New Zealand market

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 24-Jul-2019 16:42:01

Critchlow and Maxar Technologies are introducing high-resolution, affordable, on-demand satellite imagery and analytical systems for New Zealand organisations. Maxar is a global provider of advanced space-based technology solutions, delivering unmatched integrated capabilities in Earth imagery, geospatial data, analytics and insights, satellites and robotics.

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Reducing costs and improving efficiencies through accurate address data

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 22-Jul-2019 10:33:12

The application of accurate address data to business systems and processes has the power to reduce operational costs and improve service delivery, resulting in reduced risk, and increased ROI, customer value and business confidence. In this blog, we explore the benefits of accurate address data and how you can achieve them.

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Topics: Data, Address Data, Geocoding, Data Quality, Address Validation, Business Intelligence, Business Insights

NationalMap, the proud Diamond Partner of 2019 NZ Spatial Excellence Awards

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 03-Jul-2019 09:04:36


Since 2014, the NZSEA seek out and give recognition to exceptionally talented people from all sectors, disciplines and communities who use location information in creative and innovative ways to benefit New Zealand.

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Seven Key Features to Look for in an Address Validation and Geocoding Tool.

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 12-Apr-2019 10:47:00

Quality data is vital to the success of any organisation that utilises it in their everyday business practices and initiatives. The value to be gained from having accurate and consistent data is significant; and the easiest, most beneficial way to make sure that your business is receiving the best data possible is by using address validation and geocoding.

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Topics: Data, Address Data, Geocoding, IQ Office, Data Quality, Address Validation

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