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Steve Critchlow honoured as NZIS Fellow.

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 23-Nov-2017 08:00:00

Last week Steve Critchlow, Managing Director of Critchlow, was announced as an NZIS Fellow.

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2017 New Zealand Location Intelligence Forum: a recap.

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 20-Nov-2017 10:09:00

At the end of October we hosted the 2017 New Zealand Location Intelligence Forum in Wellington, alongside our partner Pitney Bowes.

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8 New Features and Changes in the Latest NationalMap Release.

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 25-Oct-2016 07:00:00

The latest release of NationalMap has now been rolled out and, as always, we're confident in saying that it's a good one!

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Critchlow proud to be announced as a finalist in the 2016 New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards.

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 07-Oct-2016 11:26:41

Critchlow is proud to be a finalist for the e-Spatial Spatial Enablement Award at the 2016 New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards (NZSEA), announced at the NZSEA finalists breakfast this morning in Wellington.

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Working at Critchlow: Chloe Dupuis, Intern

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 31-May-2016 08:34:42

This is Chloe:

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5 Key NationalMap Updates That Add Even More Detail and Value.

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 21-Apr-2016 12:13:43

The most recent release of NationalMap is currently being rolled out and we can confidently say that it’s a good one. Over the past six months, our data team have worked tirelessly to push out a number of changes and improvements that continue to make NationalMap a comprehensive, detailed, and invaluable solution for all your mapping and location-based needs.

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Why We Love FME (And You Should, Too!)

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 17-Jul-2014 09:00:00

At Critchlow, we eat, sleep and breathe spatial data and we typically use FME to get the job done. In our minds, there’s simply no better spatial data transformation engine available that can connect, transform and automate spatial data the way that we can using FME. That said, we still get a lot of questions from folks about why we love FME as much as we do, so I wanted to list out a few of the more major reasons in a blog post. To help me I asked some of our consultants who recently had some FME training about what they love about FME – you’ll see their comments below.

Note that this is NOT meant to be an all-inclusive list by any means or a rundown of all of FME’s features – in fact, I’m purposely leaving out quite a bit as that would be a waste of time. Hopefully, however, this post will provide you with a better idea for what the rave around FME has been. Enjoy!


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Critchlow add Business Continuity Plan Software to portfolio

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 17-Jun-2014 15:54:00

Business continuity planning is something that business leaders recognise they should be doing, but without a tool that is accessible and understandable, most don't bother. That’s why we’ve added a new business continuity plan software-as-a-service offering – Sungard Assurance. As authorised resellers of Sungard Availability Services to New Zealand and Australia, Critchlow’s goal is to reduce user pain points around operational resiliency and compliance and instil a sense of confidence in business outcomes for business leaders and business continuity professionals alike.

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Posted by Steve Critchlow on 16-Jun-2014 15:27:28

Census is here. Are you ready to harness its power?

Though the primary purpose of the Census is to provide a population count and planning resource for government, in recent times the information collected has been used increasingly by market-focused organisations to enhance their marketing, customer insight and operations functions.

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Critchlow goes Trans-Tasman

Posted by Steve Critchlow on 22-Aug-2012 00:44:53

Last week marked another important milestone in Critchlow’s rich history of first’s we welcomed our first Australian employee Phil Hanson to the team. After over 20 years working for various Police agencies in counter terrorism and emergency management where he has worked extensively with WebEOC®, Phil has decided to take a new path in his career and as such he is Critchlow’s first Australia based Business Development Manager. Phil is well known in the Emergency Management community being a regular conference speaker where he is regarded as a subject matter expert.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Critchlow and will be based in Perth, WA.

“We are thrilled to announce our first Australian employee! We are really pleased to have secured someone with the calibre and operational experience of Phil Hanson to join our Emergency Management team. Phil’s expertise in procuring, deploying and exercising emergency management solutions will be of real value to our customers and will complement well the significant application and geospatial capability that Critchlow is known for” says Jos Kunnen, Critchlow CEO.

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