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How to access the LINZ Data Service basemaps in MapInfo Pro and Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 09-Jun-2015 11:09:44

In a previous blog I wrote about how to access the latest aerial imagery for New Zealand in MapInfo Pro through the basemap service provided by the LINZ Data Service (LDS).

Since then the LDS has released a number of basemap services and this blog will outline how to access and use these basemaps in the latest versions of MapInfo Pro and Spectrum Spatial Analyst.

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Topics: LDS, LINZ, Stratus, MapInfo Pro

What’s new in MapInfo Stratus – Jan 2015

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 29-Jan-2015 11:15:36

Pitney Bowes has started 2015 off with a hiss and a roar.  Not only have they unveiled a global launch of their brand and identity they have been busy rolling out a strong update to MapInfo Stratus – the easiest way to publish and share and visualise data from MapInfo Pro. This update to MapInfo Stratus contains some significant new functionality and updates to existing functionality that will be of significant benefit to all users.

So, here’s what new and shiny in the latest release of MapInfo Stratus

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Topics: Stratus, MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Stratus gets Open

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 18-Jun-2013 00:29:47

Last week the latest release (R38) of MapInfo Stratus has seen (among other improvements) an implementation of WMS client support. A WMS is a standard protocol for serving map images over the Internet. It is a standard developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO). A wide variety of data can be accessed by WMS services made available by Government and other organisations. The Stratus Admin Console supports adding WMS layers as base maps or overlays from both public and secured WMS services. In MapInfo Stratus WMS legends and WMS feature information in call outs will be available.

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Topics: LDS, LINZ, Stratus, Pitney Bowes Software, MapInfo Pro

Stratus goes Live for South Waikato DC

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 17-Aug-2012 23:14:29

South Waikato District Council have implemented MapInfo Stratus to provide a simple online mapping tool for public access to Council information for services like water supply, wastewater and the like.

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Topics: Stratus, Pitney Bowes Software, MapInfo Pro

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