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Why We Love FME (And You Should, Too!)

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 17-Jul-2014 09:00:00

At Critchlow, we eat, sleep and breathe spatial data and we typically use FME to get the job done. In our minds, there’s simply no better spatial data transformation engine available that can connect, transform and automate spatial data the way that we can using FME. That said, we still get a lot of questions from folks about why we love FME as much as we do, so I wanted to list out a few of the more major reasons in a blog post. To help me I asked some of our consultants who recently had some FME training about what they love about FME – you’ll see their comments below.

Note that this is NOT meant to be an all-inclusive list by any means or a rundown of all of FME’s features – in fact, I’m purposely leaving out quite a bit as that would be a waste of time. Hopefully, however, this post will provide you with a better idea for what the rave around FME has been. Enjoy!


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Critchlow Plugs-in at the Plugfest

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 31-May-2012 22:51:22

Critchlow recently participated in a rare but rather significant spatial data interoperability event in Christchurch. Following the significant earthquakes in Canterbury in 2010 and 2011, the “traditional” methods of sharing geospatial information by file transfer between critical organisations were not adequate to support the scale of change occurring to critical infrastructure data.

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FME, Sensors and Complex Event Processing

Posted by Jacob Pescini on 23-Apr-2012 08:33:06

The guys at Safe Software have identified “sensor” technology and the effective processing of “real-time data streams” as one of the next big thing in the data processing domain …

The provisioning of sensors and the thirst for timely information is increasing at an exponential rate.  Today we typically think about sensors in the environmental context (radiation, temperature, air quality, humidity, etc.), but potentially any real-time data feed can be conceived of as a sensor - including crowdsourcing notifications in emergency management space i.e a Tweet.

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