Critchlow Case Studies

Discover more about how Critchlow has helped organisations gain actionable insight into their operations. Organisations throughout New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific rely on our expertise, GIS software and mapping data to help solve their most complex business problems.

Local Government

A sophisticated geospatial model has helped Auckland Council better understand land development potential - in a fraction of the time of previous Capacity for Growth studies. Learn more >

Route Optimisation

Route planning and reviews for the Ministry of Education's 4,000-odd school bus routes were time-consuming, costly, and slow. A finalist of the 2016 NZ Hi-Tech Awards, the NZ Project Management Awards and the NZ Spatial Excellence Awards, Critchlow's location-enabled solution has reduced the complexity and cost of route planning and maintenance for New Zealand's school bus transport services. Learn more >

Like many businesses out there, a client of ours was struggling to develop a simple, consistent, and cohesive location-based pricing model. With the introduction of Critchlow's NationalMap, a successful model for both our client and their customers was created. Learn more >


A pioneering investment in bus advertising measurement has smashed sales records and delivered a unique source of competitive advantage for iSite Media. Learn more >

A Critchlow-designed and built solution for effective targeting of unaddressed mail has streamlined processes and reduced operating costs for ReachMedia, New Zealand's largest provider of unaddressed mailing services. Learn more >

Social Services

Spatial analysis helps the Ministry of Social Development target funding and resources to where they are needed most. Learn more > 

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