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Alongside CNAR, Critchlow’s comprehensive New Zealand dataset, IQ Office offers a complete, highly integrated solution to identify and resolve data quality issues.

Critchlow Ltd, in partnership with Intech Solutions Pty Ltd (Intech), offers the market-leading IQ Office™ suite of data quality solutions for business and enterprise.

By combining Critchlow’s local knowledge and comprehensive New Zealand address dataset (CNAR) with Intech’s best-of-breed software and state-of-the-art matching algorithms, IQ Office provides a range of data quality services with unparalleled performance, match rates, and accuracy.

IQ Office is a New Zealand Post SendRight™ certified suite of software for resolving data quality issues in complex, high-volume, and multi-platform business environments. It provides address validation, geocoding, data profiling, parsing and standardisation, record matching, and de-duplication functionality all in an integrated set of components. It also offers solutions for the preparation of data for analytics, data transformation, person identity matching, and single entity view.

IQ Office products are superior in design, providing the highest levels of relevance, performance, functionality, robustness, accuracy, and longevity. Each one incorporates leading-edge technologies and algorithms that are continuously reassessed and enhanced to keep pace with evolving customer requirements.

The key components of the IQ Office suite are:

IQ Standardiser™

A high performance data transformation engine designed to parse, validate, enhance, and standardise (transform) data of any type into a structure or format that conforms to external standards or your own organisational standards. 

IQ Rapid Address™

IQ Rapid Address is a deterministic address-matching engine that matches address data to an Address Reference File (ARF). 

IQ Matcher™

A high performance probabilistic record-matching engine, IQ Matcher matches data from multiple sources whilst detecting duplicate information within a data source. 

IQ Profiler™

IQ Profiler is a data discovery engine specifically designed for large volume datasets.

IQ Hosted Web Service™

The IQ Hosted Web Service provides validation of postal, physical, and email addresses plus accurate geocoding.

All IQ Office components can be deployed individually or in combination to provide a solution that is tailored to each customer’s unique requirements. The ability to configure IQ Office to meet environment-specific conditions allows for an optimised solution in all cases.

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