Smart Routing

Smart Routing is a web-based routing tool that ensures you get it right the first time, every time. This location intelligence tool automates optimal route design for businesses that have fleets of vehicles to save your business time, cost and resources.



Smart Routing for Small Business

Now more than ever, businesses are driven by data, especially when they rely on assets like customer addresses. Businesses like bakers, pharmacies, butchers, and hardware suppliers who deliver their goods to customers, tradies who can now get back out and about and provide their services to patient householders, and waste collectors where demand is different every day as businesses re-open, or sadly, shut up shop.

Whether delivering goods or services, turning up to the wrong address wastes time and damages a business’ reputation. We get that, and we’ve developed a solution that understands how geospatial data is contributing to business operations. Smart Routing is a location intelligence solution that automatically generates the optimal route design, meaning businesses can save time, money and resources.

If you’re in a small business where you’ll be doing delivery runs to many destinations and need a clear map of destination locations (especially in rural areas), need to know the order in which to pack your van, know how long the run should take (and let your customers know when to expect you) and what the mileage will be, then fill out the form and we'll be happy to help you.

smart routing for small business


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How route optimisation can benefit your business

Route planning seems a relatively straightforward logistical exercise, but basic mapping solutions don’t always have all the features you need to think about when designing a route. Applying some spatial intelligence reveals a much deeper, richer and potentially more expensive picture.

Route optimisation takes into consideration factors like driver health and safety to ensure drivers are not put under unrealistic time pressure to complete deliveries as well as demographics of different delivery areas. Understanding traffic movements is another key element of route optimisation, but you also need to factor in less common variables, such as the development of a new subdivision.

Route planning and optimisation are a small investment to avoid wasting resources, and more importantly, a negative impact on profitability. Optimising route planning properly typically saves 5-15% on initial estimates, representing significant cost savings over the life of a contract.


Key features of SmartRouting

  • Automate optimal routes to save time, cost and resources
  • Easy to use web-based solutions; start optimising your delivery routes at once and without setup
  • Instantly validate and/or correct addresses
  • Set start times and timeframes for deliveries and see the mileage and time required
  • Access to the most comprehensive address dataset and the latest road and transport network data for all of New Zealand to give you confidence that you’ll get it right the first time.

There's always a smarter way - let's find yours!

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