Critchlow Geospatial helps organisations in every major sector of the New Zealand economy find smarter ways to improve their operations.

What We Do

For close to 30 years, we've enabled people to see, share, and understand information so they make the best business and operational decisions.

Our Industry Expertise

Banking & Insurance

Banking & Insurance

Knowing that the data you are relying on is adequate for the management of assets and risks, can be a challenge. We make it simple.



We help agencies provide equitable access to services for all New Zealanders.


Out-of-Home Advertising

Advertisers, agencies and media suppliers rely on standardised media measurement processes to reach target audiences. We’ve nailed this.


Primary Industries

Having information that adds value to the business of farming and encourages sustainability through good management practice is something we can help with.



Modelling and designing coverage and transmitter locations is a complex task. We’ve got the data you need.


Transport and Service Providers

Transport and service provider businesses are leaders when it comes to applying location intelligence – we help you stay in front.

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