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Our Solutions

Critchlow are experts in spatial analysis, geospatial, emergency management and business continuity solutions. Leveraging our 20 years' experience in the industry, our expertise managing some of New Zealand's largest geospatial datasets and best-of-breed technology from our global partner network, we offer our clients solutions that enable our customers to see, share and understand information so they make the best business and operational decisions.

Whether you want to improve data quality, a fleet operator wanting an effective solution for route planning and optimisation, an emergency manager want a CIMS that offers real-time updates and a common operating picture across agencies, or a marketing manager wanting a better return on investment, we can help.


Geomarketing offers vital insights into markets and customers. Talk to our experienced geomarketing specialists to discover how we can help with site location, market analysis, sales territory analysis, and simply finding more good customers. Read more >

Geospatial Solutions

Critchlow specialises in spatial analysis and the development of geospatial solutions that provide clients with actionable insight into their operations.  Talk to us about retail site planning, route optimisation, geomarketing and more. Read more >

Emergency Management

Critchlow services and supports leading crisis incident management software WebEOC®, which has hundreds of installations worldwide including Australian federal government agencies, state policing authorities and major airlines.

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Business Continuity Management

Critchlow services and supports world-class business continuity planning Software as a Service (SaaS), AssuranceCM from Sungard Availabilty Services. Empowering over 600 customers worldwide, AssuranceCM will help you reduce risk and improve resilience to give you confidence that your plans are ready and available when you need them. Business continuity has never looked this good. 

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Data Quality Services

Improve organisational efficiency and cut costs by improving your data quality. We can cleanse your corporate data and enrich it with more attributes. Talk to us about address validation, geocoding, data enrichment, data standardisation and more. Read more >

Geospatial Data Services

We are experts in spatial data transformation. We can convert data from one format to another; extract, transform and load corporate and spatial data to support data migration and analysis projects and more more. Talk to us about how we can help.

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