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The Canadian Coast Guard deploys WebEOC to manage their daily and emergency operations.

Posted by Caitlin McDougall on 24-Nov-2016 10:23:39

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With multiple incidents to be managed coast to coast on a daily basis, plus the need for seamless inter-jurisdictional and multi-agency involvement, the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) required a modern-day incident management platform that was robust, flexible and offered a single source of truth for all users.

Enter Intermedix’s WebEOC.

As early adopters of the Incident Command Centre (ICS) methodology at a federal level, adopting WebEOC to provide their technology requirements as part of their ICS effort was a natural progression. WebEOC enables CCG to respond to all-hazard incidents nationwide successfully – providing a “common platform and the interoperability needed to coordinate with multi-agency activities in Canada,” as noted by Canadian Coast Guard Commissioner, Jody Thomas.

Since implementing WebEOC within CCG’s ICS methodology, Intermedix have once again proven that the platform offers the flexibility to tailor to an organisation’s specific needs – something that is vital to not only the Canadian Coast Guard, but the majority of organisations, large and small, worldwide.

You can read Intermedix’s full press release here.

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