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Are you attending the 2016 BCI Summit? Here's what you can look forward to from Critchlow and Sungard Availability Services...

Posted by Caitlin McDougall on 26-Apr-2016 14:57:59

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The 2016 BCI Australasia Summit is taking place next week in Sydney, beginning on Wednesday 4 May. This year, the focus is on “the individual” – how each and every Business Continuity and Resilience professional can successfully and confidently stand up against the challenging environment they operate in.

We’re excited to not only be exhibiting at the Summit, but also have one of our own presenting. Critchlow’s Business Continuity Management Practice Leader, Mary Sue Critchlow, will be sharing her insights into Business Continuity Professionals as Catalysts for Change.

Mary Sue is a relative newcomer to the business continuity management domain, but with a background in ICT, media, sales and marketing, and government, she has picked up a wide range of theories, methodologies, and frameworks that can help individuals empower their communications to strengthen their business continuity programme.

Alongside Mary Sue, Steve Kokol from Sungard Availability Services in the US will also be at the event. With a wealth of knowledge under his belt, this will be a great opportunity for attendees to chat with someone who’s at the cutting edge of building modern, industry-leading, and intuitive business continuity tools that are built by users, for users.

Both Steve and Mary Sue will be manning the Appiture° booth and would love to see you if you’re attending the Summit this year. And while you’re at it, why not catch Mary Sue’s presentation at 11:00am on Wednesday 4 May.

If you won’t be able to make it, don’t worry! You can look forward to a number of blogs and content over the coming months that will delve into the concepts Mary Sue will be covering in her presentation.

Wanting to build a foundation for business continuity change within your organisation, but not sure exactly where to start? SungardAS have laid out the four steps you should take to get the ball rolling:

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