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Route Optimisation

Solve complex routing problems to deliver outstanding business results with our route planning and optimisation solutions designed for New Zealand businesses.

What is route planning & optimisation?

At its simplest, route planning and optimisation is a process that determines the optimal route for a delivery vehicle that will be driving to many locations during a particular day, typically starting from and returning to a depot.  

The goal of the optimal route is to reach each destination safely in the least amount time and distance, and in most cost-efficient manner.

As a business management practice, the wider goals of route optimisation are:

  • managing costs and investing where required (e.g. ensuring the business is not over/under investing in the number of vehicles in the fleet);
  • improving productivity through automation;
  • meeting environmental and sustainability goals (e.g. by reducing fuel emissions);
  • achieving health and safety targets (e.g. ensuring drivers are not put under unrealistic time pressure); and
  • meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

It’s not a simple process, as there are often constraints and variables that need to be considered and these are not easily (if ever) achieved manually. Common ones are “No U-turns allowed”, left-hand pick-ups only, and avoid non-permitted roads and bridges. Relying on printed maps and data sorted into lists do not allow you to reflect these constraints, as well as include in your calculations, traffic movements and average road speeds.

Under the hood, modern route planning and optimisation solutions use complex algorithms to design and present optimal delivery routes, and they are only as good as the data that underpins the technology. Current, complete and authoritative data about delivery addresses, roads and transport networks (both urban and rural) is a critical component.

How We Can Help

We help businesses move people and products with our smart routing solutions and authoritative geospatial data about New Zealand, including road network and address data.


Automate manual logistics or transport network processes in determining the most efficient way to deploy resources, taking into account factors such as resource availability, vehicle capacity, driving conditions, time constraints, and more.

Product Fleet


Simplify and automate complex routing requirements, deliver fuel emission savings, and reduce capital and other operating costs.



A game changer for boosting growth. What would you do with extra time and revenue?


What New Zealand businesses need to know about choosing a data source for their route optimisation solution.


Discover how much you could save when you use Smart Routing.

Route Optimisation

This eBook provides insights on things to look for when selecting a route optimisation tool and how it can be used to improve efficiencies.

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Choosing a data source

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