Outsourced GIS Services

More and more organisations are relying on external service providers to run non-core business processes, or are utilising the skills of external providers for specific projects.

Using our GIS outsourcing service can help you save costs, solve your project resourcing constraints and at the same time provide you with access to a range of highly experienced and cost-effective GIS consultants.

GIS Outsourcing Services We Offer

Depending on your needs, Critchlow offers flexible solutions, and will work with you to tailor a package that meets your requirements.

Complete GIS Outsourcing: If you are considering how best to deliver GIS services to your users without the need to maintain in-house staff and associated investment in GIS infrastructure , Critchlow can support your transition.  We’ll work with you to deliver your GIS services to your organisation’s identified requirements.

GIS Support Services: Maybe you simply need a short-term resource to help with a project,  but have no one available within your own team? If this is the case, then Critchlow has a range of skilled and experienced GIS professionals available who can either work onsite at your premises, or from our offices.


Contact us about GIS outsourcing.

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