Geospatial Solutions

Route Planning and Route Optimisation

Critchlow offers a range of sophisticated route planning and optimisation solutions that solve complex routing problems, reduce planning time, maximise fleet utilisation and deliver outstanding business results. Read more >

Branch Network Optimisation

Using advanced geospatial analysis and specialised retail demand datasets, Critchlow helps retailers maximise sales and profitability by taking the guess work out of site selection and branch network planning and optimisation. Read more >

Geospatial Application Development

Critchlow has a proven background in developing custom-built applications to solve a wide range of client problems. Our analysis and solutions give clients actionable insight into their operations and improve business profitability. Read more >

Outsourced GIS Services

Need additional GIS support for a project? Or simply want to focus on your core business, without the expense of maintaining your own GIS team and infrastructure? We can tailor a package to suit a range of business needs. Read more >


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