Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding


When your business or service decisions depend on exact locations, a street address won’t always provide the answers you need.  Geocoding offers precise understanding of property locations and GPS coordinates, which creates actionable insight for marketers, public planners, policy analysts, emergency services operators and more.


Critchlow introduced geocoding to the New Zealand market, and we draw on the expertise we’ve built-up over the last 20 years and best-of-breed solutions, like the IQ Office suite, from Intech Solutions, to ensure one of the highest first-time match rates in the New Zealand industry.

Our geocoding services offer built-in address standardisation and validation, and we geocode right down to the exact latitudes and longitudes of parcels.

Why Geocode?

Geocoding enhances the address data by assigning machine-readable geographic references that identify the physical location of the address – then the data can be plotted on a map to help identify trends that may not be evident by simply looking at the data in graphs and charts or other traditional forms of analysis.

Geocoded data is used by many sectors, in many different ways including:

  • Marketers undertake customer and market analysis to identify market opportunities
  • Emergency services operators use geocoded data to identify caller location and dispatch police, fire or ambulance services to correct locality
  • Marketers use geocoding to optimise campaign response rates by more effectively targetting specific offers to identified prospects
  • Public planners use geocoded data to assist with identifying locations of bus routes, parks, public amenities and more
  • Public policy analysts use geocoded data to help analyse future social service needs
  • Network planners use geocoded data to identify the proximity of current or prospective customer to their service

How We Can Help

We’ve chosen the IQ Office suite for our geocoding and address validation services, because we believe it is the best on the market, and the IQ Office range of data quality solutions consistently offers superior match rates.

We offer reverse geocoding (the process of finding an address or other type of resource for a given latitude/longitude pair), as well as geocoding. 

We also provide a range of related services including address validation and data enrichment.


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