Data Standardisation and Data Migration

Reduce Barriers to Successful Data Warehousing

Successful data warehousing projects rely on implementation of a robust process for data migration.

A significant cost of implementing a new CRM, ERP or GIS system can be migrating data from often multiple old systems and formats into a new one that is fit for purpose. Using advanced ETL tools and methodologies, we can speed up this process and often automate much of the manual work involved.

This can reduce your overall project cost and reduce time to value for your data warehousing projects.

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

We are specialists in working with large datasets, and as well as enterprise data warehousing project. Critchlow offers a range of simple data conversion services and we specialise in projects requiring complex ETL processes.  

How We Can Help

Transforming data from one format or projection to another is a speciality.  We’ve built up a significant body of expertise in data transformation and related disciplines, in our 20 years working with our own, and clients’ datasets.

There aren’t too many data transformation problems we haven’t seen and resolved. Our geospatial consultants are skilled at designing robust ETL processes, unique to your organisational needs, to ensure the success of your data warehousing and other corporate projects.

Using advanced extract, transform, load (ETL) technologies for spatial and non-spatial data, Critchlow can help get your data standardised, enhanced, conflated and migrated to, or served up to where is it's needed, in the most usable format.

Contact us about our data standardisation, data migration, or ETL services.


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