Retail Network Optimisation

Site Selection And Planning

Critchlow helps retailers maximise sales and profitability by taking the guess work out of site selection, retail network planning and branch optimisation.

We can help you assess and improve sales performance and market share by location. We can also make sense of the confusing array of information relating to site selection and assist you in evaluating which stores to open, close or renovate; to identify and improve under-performing locations, and mitigate cannibalisation between stores.

How We Can Help

Using sophisticated geospatial analysis and specialised retail demand dataset, GeoSpend, we combine real-world customer transaction and sales data, demographics, psychographics, and competitive intelligence to solve problems like:

  • Site selection planning
  • Network optimisation and scenario modelling
  • Store sales predictions (now and in the future)
  • Drive-time and distance profiling
  • Franchise area evaluation and overlap analysis
  • Territory planning and optimisation
  • Market size and demand estimation by product / location
  • Sales and market share analysis
  • Customer segmentation and profiling


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