You're here, but where are your customers? Male, aged 30-45 years old, with children and an annual income between $65,000 and $85,000. Most organisations have a clear idea of who their customers are, but exactly where to find more people like these is the question for marketers. This is where Critchlow can help.

Geomarketing offers vital insights into markets and customers that can be used for more effective understanding and targeting prospective clients.

How We Can Help

Critchlow offers a range of geomarketing services.

Our location intelligence solutions and analysis enable you to model and visualise the complex relationships between customers, demographic variables like spending and consumption patterns, and location.

We can also help you develop a very detailed picture of your target customers including identifying where there are high geographic concentrations of the people you're looking to target. Where do your prospects live?

Armed with this knowledge, you can understand, locate and target your customers more effectively, and improve return on your marketing investment. Critchlow's geomarketing services include:

Customer and Market Insight

Using spatial analysis techniques such as GeoDemographic profiling and analysis, our consultants can provide additional customer and local market insights to support customer acquisition, retention and site location activities. Essentially we can tell you who your best customers are, what they look like and WHERE to find more of them.

Data Enrichment

By Geocoding your data and matching to various third party datasets Critchlow can enrich your data with demographic, firmagraphics, consumer spend and other information to assist with understanding and targeting customers.

Customer Acquisition

Once we know who and where your target markets are Critchlow can provide quality business mail lists and consumer mailing and phone lists so you can reach prospective customers with the right messages at the right time and in the right place. We have over 125,000 business prospects and 1.5m residential addresses available.

Sales Force Optimisation

Whether you have a direct sales team engaging with your business customers or, a door-to-door sales team targeting residential customers, Critchlow can improve the efficiency of your sales team.  By helping target areas with higher concentrations of good prospects response rates can be improved, by balancing sales territories coverage can be improved or, by using smart navigation and “Travelling Sales Person” (TSP) tools the number of calls or meetings can be increased.

Network Optimisation

Critchlow helps retailers maximise sales and profitability by taking the guess work out of site selection, retail network planning and branch optimisation.

We can help you assess and improve sales performance and market share by location. We can also make sense of the confusing array of information relating to site selection and assist you in evaluating which stores to open, close or renovate; to identify and improve under-performing locations, and mitigate cannibalisation between stores.

Marketing Tools

Many of our clients make use of our consulting team to support their marketing activities and others require in-house solutions to enable their own analysts to perform geomarketing or streamline marketing operations.

Our solutions provide a wide range of best of breed solutions to support

-          Geographic analysis, reporting and mapping

-          Customer communication management

-          Customer data quality management

-          Customer interaction management

-          Real-time statistical modelling and analysis.

Geomarketing Case Study

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