Data Cleansing

Improve Data Integrity

The rapid growth of distributed information systems has led to an exponential growth in corporate data collection and, consequently, a rapid deterioration in the quality of the information collected. Duplication, misspelling of names and addresses are commonplace, especially if data has been pulled from multiple sources. 

How We Can Help

We’ll validate, standardise, and correct your data getting rid of duplicate records, misspelt street names, data in the wrong fields, and otherwise invalid records so that the integrity of your organisational data is maintained.

Data Enrichment

Enrich your Data with More Attributes

Not only can we validate, standardise and correct existing corporate data, Critchlow can also enrich that data with more attributes – like adding missing postcodes, addresses, geodemographic details, property attribute information and much more –  to help provide valuable insights to support marketing and other business decisions.

We can even help you find lost customers with our address update service. 

A wide range of data is available from Critchlow and our partners including:

  • Census demographic information
  • Deprivation Index information
  • Geodemographic segments
  • GeoSpend (retail demand data)
  • Geohazard data
  • A range of data relating to New Zealand businesses
  • Property attribute information

Contact us about data enrichment. 


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