Customer Acquisition

Customer Mailing List

Critchlow has over 1.5 million residential addresses available. The Critchlow National Address Register is a comprehensive database enabling marketers to easily target prospects from specific geographic areas - down to neighbourhood level. 

Contact us about using the Critchlow National Address Register to target prospects.

Find Lost Customers

We can also help you find lost customers. Almost 20 percent of consumers change address each year. Keeping your database up-to-date is a constant challenge. Returned or Gone No Address Mail is very costly – it’s not only is it a waste of your marketing budget in the case of a direct mail campaign, if the misdirected mail is invoices then the impact on cash flow is more direct.

Using New Zealand Change of Address (NZCOA) data, Critchlow can help you find lost customers, reduce your returned mail rates and improve campaign response rates by improving the currency and deliverability of your data.

Contact us about our address update services.

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