Address Validation

Incorrect Address Data Costs

Most customer data is held in relational databases are almost exclusively collected in semi-free form. This means that most organisations face client data that is inaccurate and/or incomplete including misspelt street names, duplicate records and inconsistent acronyms.

When you have important messages for your clients – whether it’s an offer, a newsletter, an invoice, or a delivery – it’s important that it gets there if you want to improve customer profitability and organisational efficiency.

Critchlow’s superior address validation services can helps our clients ensure they get the right messages, to the right customers at the right time.

Why Validate Addresses?

The cost of poor quality customer address data is often hidden, but can be quantified in terms of slow or non-payment of bills that have gone to the wrong place, customer churn, wasted marketing budget and service failures that negatively impact on your brand.   Validating client addresses will allow your organisation to benefit from:

  • Bulk mail discounts
  • More effective prospecting
  • Growth from existing customers
  • Savings in error detection and error correction costs
  • Improved cashflow from billing

How We Can Help

Make sure your address and client lists are up-to-date and accurate by undertaking address validation.  On average, Critchlow is able to lift compliance by 25 percent on unprocessed data. How much could you save?

Critchlow uses software certified by NZ Post (SendRight™) and Australia Post (AMAS) and can process your address data to meet the relevant standards and provide Statement of Accuracy (SOA) reports for your data.


Contact us about address validation.

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