Data Quality

Bad data behaves like a virus, with a single incorrect record – duplicates; typos; incomplete records; data entered in non-standard formats – infecting all databases and spreading to all departments in an organisation.

Poor quality data is a hidden cost to most organisations – up to 10-20% of revenue – creating inefficiencies, costing lost time, lost customers, and lost opportunity. Senior executives believe they can strengthen their organisation’s competitive advantage by better using and managing enterprise data, yet data quality is still an issue that many organisations don’t tackle, despite the potentially substantial return on investment.

Critchlow are spatial data experts. We have been in the spatial data business for more than 20 years.  We leverage our substantial experience working with some of New Zealand’s largest datasets to help our clients resolve their data quality problems. We can help you, too, and here are some of the key services we offer:

Address Validation

Get your postal, physical and email address lists up-to-date and accurate by undertaking address validation.  On average, Critchlow is able to lift postal compliance by 25 percent on unprocessed data. Address validation should be undertaken before geocoding to provide the highest match rates. Read more >

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

Geocoding enhances the address data by providing a precise understanding of property locations and GPS coordinates, which creates actionable insight for marketers, policy planners, logistics and more. Critchlow’s geocoding service offers consistently superior first-time match rates. Read more >


Critchlow’s data cleansing service provides your organisation with the ability to quickly and accurately match large volumes of records, even where the type of record fields vary or contain disparate information like misspellings, address variations and other inconsistencies. Read more >

Identity Search and Match

We can help you get to know your customer better so you can make the right offers and have more relevant conversations with them. You can use the advanced fuzzy matching capabilities of IQ Office to identify possible and definite duplicate individuals or businesses. Read more >

Customer Acquisition

Find lost customers using our address update service, or take advantage of the Critchlow National Address Register to target your consumer marketing programme. Read more >


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