LIn Module

Spectrum Spatial

Anytime, anywhere location-based insights

Intelligent solutions for getting from thought to action to implementation as quickly as possible.

As enterprises expand across the globe, having instant access to streamlined location data is essential, so you can make fast, informed, and profitable business decisions. The Spectrum Spatial Module provides you with the spatial location solutions you need, allowing data to be centralised, integrated and utilised across your organisation.

Intelligent location-based features

Spectrum Spatial provides a platform that enables organisations to easily leverage, centralise and integrate complex spatial data across the organisation. Spectrum Spatial provides standards-based Web Services technology, a suite of location capabilities commonly used across hundreds of application requirements – and the ability to centrally manage and apply those capabilities enterprise-wide. 

Its state-of-the-art functions include:

  • Consistent view of data across the organisation
  • Powerful spatial data creation capabilities to solve a wide variety of business problems
  • Centrally managed location data usable across departments and applications
  • Integration of existing spatial data with core enterprise applications to optimise business performance and profitability
  • Integrated location data presented in a user-friendly format

Spatial Analysis Capabilities

From market analysis and site location to sales and delivery routing; whether businesses are assessing financial risk, defining a target market or assigning appropriate tax jurisdictions, Spectrum Spatial provides geocoding, mapping, routing and analysis capabilities that provide profitable insights.

Centrally Managed Spatial Capabilities for the Enterprise

Spectrum Spatial is an enterprise technology platform of centrally managed spatial capabilities. Designed for ease-of-use, Spectrum Spatial enables businesses to leverage location intelligence to provide in-depth analyses with faster time-to-market results.

User Friendly

With Spectrum Spatial, users are shielded from the complexity of spatial technology and integration requirements – they no longer have to coordinate various GIS products designed to perform discrete functions all across the enterprise.

Added Insight Across the Enterprise

Spectrum Spatial enables organisations to deliver location-enriched data capabilities to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Using Spectrum Spatial’s standards-based web services, businesses can utilise familiar formats and inject new, discrete capabilities into existing business processes and analytical routines – resulting in better decision making without the need for additional specialist cost centers and bespoke applications.