MapInfo Pro™ v17


Your input drives greater output.

Take control of your spatial analysis. Enhanced in collaboration with users like you, MapInfo Pro v17 is stronger, smarter and simpler to use - bringing new agility to your mapping and spatial analysis.

Its user-inspired interface combined with powerful location analytics and visualisation puts the power at your fingertips, enabling you to produce more compelling maps, provide more advanced analytics and drive better business outcomes.

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MapInfo Pro v17


More dynamic mapping now comes with eye-opening simplicity.

MapInfo Pro v17

Easier at every step

From beginning to end, expect a streamlined experience. A new and improved welcome screen gives you quick access to everything in MapInfo Pro.

A range of layout, layer-control and other usability improvements reduce clicks and enhance your results.

Customisable toolbars and the new Quick Search window enable you to find what you need faster.

MapInfo Pro v17

Expanded flexibility and agility

MapInfo Pro v17 lets you process, visualise and analyse vast amounts of data. Mapping, editing and layer-control enhancements add to the richness of your results. Compatible with most file, data and map types, v17 gives you the flexibility to design better and see more.

Achieve new agility with customisable mini-toolbars - your most used commands are just a right-click away. Work smarter with hot-key improvements and enhanced image quality.

MapInfo Pro v17

Powerful raster performance

When you're dealing with massive files, you need cutting-edge performance. 

The patented raster capabilities within MapInfo Pro v17 Advanced enable more efficient storage, processing and display of raster tiles at different resolutions. 

With v17 Advanced, you can map and analyse with extraordinary speed across states, countries and continents.

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MapInfo Pro v17