What are the different hosting options for IQ Office?


    The data quality solution you want, exactly how you want it.

    IQ Office caters for all, allowing organisations to adapt it to suit their specific business uses and needs - no matter how simple or complex.

    Hosted Web Service

    The Hosted Web Service is a quick, reliable, and cost-effective method to validate and geocode addresses over the web.

    No training, no design or development time, just jump in and hit the ground running.


    A cloud-based service for easier access and use

    A web-hosted service means there's no infrastructure or set up time needed and minimal upfront costs for you. A simple, easy-to-use option for your address validation and geocoding needs.

    Integrates into existing application and data entry screens

    API's allow users to integrate the address validation and geocoding functionality into their preferred input screen. No training needed, just business as usual.

    Ideal for Rapid Address Capture AND Batch Mode

    Use it as you need it to quickly validate and geocode an address at point of capture; or use it to define specific processes to validate, barcode, or geocode a group of addresses.

    Managed Service

    The Managed Service ensures you have the best of both worlds.

    We'll design, operate, and manage a successful information quality system that is still tailored to your specific business needs.


    We can host it for you...

    Our data processing, integration, cloud services, and managed solutions can be deployed in our robust, dedicated environment. You get the system you want without having to foot the space to host it. 

    ...or you can keep it on-premise (but we'll still look after the operation and management)

    Rather have it in-house? No problem. We'll build it, deploy it, and manage it; you house it (dependent on support levels, access, and security).

    The benefits of flexibility and optimisation, without the in-house dev time

    The solution can be simple or complex; open or secure - you choose. But no matter what, it will always be optimised to meet your organisation's data quality requirements.

    Integration Service

    The Integration Service is a fully customised, bespoke solution that integrates seamlessly with your current systems and processes.

    With an added bonus of minimal impact on your technical teams.


    From simple integration to bespoke design 

    From straight forward integration into your website or individual applications; to a bespoke UI design with customised integration into enterprise-wide systems and data manipulation processes - we've got you covered.

    End-to-end solution delivery and integration services

    We'll work with your project teams, developers, and BA's to gather requirements and analyse current systems, then define and implement an optimal solution.

    Continue to tweak and optimise as your needs grow 

    A truly intuitive, customisable solution, the Integration Service enables your organisation to change the system as you change. As your needs adapt, so too can your system.

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