Here's what's new in the upcoming SSA release...

by Steve Critchlow, Group Managing Director, on 17-Apr-2018 09:15:00

The latest releases of Spectrum Spatial Analyst and Spectrum Spatial are just around the corner - Monday, 30 April is release day and it's fast approaching.

There are a number of new features and enhancements that we're very excited about and we've no doubt they'll make your SSA experience a whole lot easier. So without further ado, let's take a look at what you can look forward to in the upcoming release...

New features in Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Designer for Map Information Templates

The brand new Template Designer brings a whole other level to the term "user friendly".

Admins can now build unique customer experiences by configuring the information panel to display exactly what they want - no code needed.

template Builder gif

Browse and add any spectrum layers

End users can now browse and add any spectrum layers that they have access to within the repository and then see a preview of that data before adding it to a map. This provides end users the ability to create maps that are useful to them and reducing Admin burden. 

Add spectrum layer01

Merge and split map annotations

For those users who need to create complex annotations, you can now merge and split map annotations.

Merge or split

Query inside overlaps of annotations

This will allow end users to generate queries about the features within overlapping annotations, such as customers within simple ring-type territories around stores or branches. 

Zoom to the extent of an existing layer

End users can now quickly zoom to the geographical extent of all objects within a map layer. Not only is this a quick navigational aid, it's useful to understand where the objects within a layer are located.


New features in Spectrum Spatial


A new security model in Spectrum Spatial that includes support for sub-admin permissions has been added, meaning sub-admins can now be granted permissions to manage data within specific repository folders.

Map render quality

Users now have the ability to enable anti-aliasing of symbols and labels for improved render quality.

Large data visualisation

  • Add large data visualisation support for Generic JDBC data sources (current support is SQL Server only)
  • Add and test large data visualisation support for Impala/Hadoop as part of Generic JDBC support.

Spatial Manager enhancements

  • Create Named Views using a basic query builder (in addition to entering MISQL)
  • Create Named Layers including specifying style override (points, lines and region style)
  • Modify Named Layers including specifying style override (points, lines and region style)
  • Create Named Map by picking and adding layers to it including re-orderins
  • Show appropriate error message in Spatial Manager if LIM is not licensed visualisation support for Impala/Hadoop as part of Generic JDBC support.

Spatial Manager Create Map


Spatial Manager Table


Spatial Manager Create View Basic

REST performance improvements

Continue decoupling of REST and SOAP interfaces (for improved performance of REST services - SearchBySQL was implemented before and in this release other services are being implemented.


Keen to get your hands on the latest version ASAP? Get in touch with us to upgrade to the newest release.

Want to find out more about SSA? Visit the web page now.

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