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Got a Pitney Bowes Software idea? Well, share it…

by Steve Critchlow, Group Managing Director, on 09-Feb-2012 05:40:00

Here at Critchlow, we know that the people that have some of the best product improvement ideas are users (i.e you). The people that use the software like MapInfo everyday and who try different things and really push the limits of the functionality. You are the people who know from experience what works and what could do with a little (or a lot) of improvement.

Last year Pitney Bowes Software (PBS) launched their ideas community that allows you to get involved and connect with PBS by making suggestions, promoting favourite ideas, interacting with product managers, and previewing features that will be incorporated in upcoming releases.  Ideas can be searched for, browsed, and viewed by anyone visiting the site.

One of the great things that I like about the Ideas Community is that all ideas submitted are there for everyone to see. The voting system allows users, including Partners like Critchlow, to vote for enhancements that we think would be beneficial to the products and PBS can post comments about feedback about the submitted ideas. This is no “black box” for user ideas.

So, take a look at the PBS Ideas Community, vote for your favourite product improvement ideas, get submitting and get involved…


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