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Smart Routing Premium

Smart Routing Premium automates the lengthy and complex task of route optimisation to ensure you meet your contractual obligations, while creating financial savings and delivering operational efficiencies.

Used by businesses who have fleets of vehicles, or those who have complex routing requirements, Smart Routing Premium is an optimisation solution that can deliver significant cost savings over the life of contracts.


What is route optimisation?

Route optimisation may appear to be a relatively straightforward logistical planning and mapping exercise, but basic mapping solutions do not have all the features, functionality, and data you need when designing and optimising routes. What makes the process even more complex are constraints that will not show up on a standard map, such as:

  • Left-hand pick-ups only;
  • Favour left-hand turns;
  • Avoid busy road crossings and tunnels; and
  • Adhere to height, weight and width restrictions.

Route optimisation applies spatial intelligence to determine optimal routes, while taking your constraints into consideration. Changing the operational process from route planning to a technology-based process of route optimisation is a small investment because optimisation avoids wasting resources, delivers accurate, trustworthy plans, and gives confidence that contractual commitments can be met.

Key Features of Smart Routing Premium

  • Designed for businesses who have fleets of vehicles or must work to specific constraints such as left-hand pick-ups, favour left-hand turns, health and safety requirements (i.e. need to factor in driver breaks), restrictions (e.g. no tunnels) or large vehicle capacities
  • Configurable web-based solution that meets your specific requirements and constraints to enable you to save time, money and resources
  • Optimise routes for anywhere in New Zealand using New Zealand’s authoritative, comprehensive and current road and transport network data
  • Instantly validate and/or correct addresses using New Zealand’s most comprehensive address data

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