About NationalMap

NationalMap provides comprehensive street-level GIS map data with unparalleled display quality and data accuracy.  


Included in the NationalMap base dataset is a range of topographical and cadastral data as well as a variety of other layers including:

Transport network - Incorporates motorways, state highways, major roads, secondary and connector roads as well as local and other minor roads. Find carpark, tunnel, motorway junction locations, railway lines and stations, ferry routes and much more.

Administrative boundaries - Includes territorial authority, regional and suburb boundaries and meshblock and area unit as well as postcode areas.

Points of interest - Includes recreation features like golf courses, sports fields, parks and rivers; public areas like airports, hospitals and shopping centres, and amenities like hotels, religious facilities and service stations.

Education - Preschools, primary, intermediate and secondary schools and tertiary education facilities.

Places - New Zealand locations including cities, towns and other localities.

Emergency and Health Services - Hospitals, rest homes, and police, fire, ambulance locations.

Retail - Shopping area boundaries and shopping centres.

Simple, Flexible Data Pricing

NationalMap is fully scalable and is licensed and priced to suit your requirements in any of the following formats:

  • A national product (all of New Zealand)
  • Either the whole North or South Island
  • Any larger district or regional area (possibly a number of adjoining territorial authorities)
  • Any metropolitan city or town area
  • The minimum area for supply is a single territorial authority

Data Upgrade

The Cadastre Comprehensive module is updated monthly, and Cadastre Owner is updated quarterly, while NationalMap base product is updated 6 monthly to ensure you’re always working with the most complete and up-to-date reference information available. Subscribers are automatically supplied upgrades as they become available during the term of their subscription.

Add-on Modules

NationalMap is licenced with a range of data sets as part of the base product. There is also a range of specialist add-on modules which are licensed separately.

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