What are the Helix Persona Communities?

Helix Personas is a unique and powerful consumer segmentation and data integration tool.  Helix Personas combines sophisticated psychographic and behavioural data to classify the New Zealand population into 51 Personas and 7 Communities using a combination of Roy Morgan Single Source data and third party data sources.


Leading Lifestyles


High earning older professionals living in the inner wealthy suburbs in large expensive homes big enough for large families.



Young, single, well educated, inner city professionals with high incomes, typically renting apartments. Cultured, connected, clued-in & cashed up.


Today's Families

Young families living in the suburbs, earning above-average incomes. They are family oriented and enjoy improving their homes.


Kiwi  Achievers

Closest to the average New Zealander, these mid-life, average educated families are working full time to pay off their expensive separate house.


Getting By

Young parents or older families with children still at home, the most ethnically diverse community, a lot of part-time workers looking for full-time work.


Golden    Years

Conservative, risk-averse retirees focused on health, security and maintaining an income from investments or the pension, even if they're mortgage-free.



Ethnically diverse, young families, single mums & retirees focused on making ends meet. Many are welfare dependent mums & retirees focused on making ends meet. Many are welfare dependent.

*Helix Persona codes are not always sequential as not every Persona exists in every country. 

Helix Personas is designed to provide accurate profiling of New Zealand consumers across a variety of attributes. The attributes that have been included in creating Helix Personas have been selected as the most predictive and defining consumer attributes. Helix Personas is a Trademark of Roy Morgan Research. Values Segments devised by Michele Levine of Roy Morgan Research and Colin Benjamin of The Horizons Network.


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