What is the Index of Deprivation?

New Zealand Index of Deprivation 2013 (NZDep2013) is an updated version of the NZDep91, NZDep96, NZDep2001 and NZDep2006 indexes of socioeconomic deprivation. NZDep2013 combines nine variables from the 2013 census which reflect eight dimensions of deprivation. NZDep2013 provides a deprivation score for each meshblock in New Zealand. Meshblocks are geographical units defined by Statistics New Zealand, containing a median of approximately 81 people in 2013.

The NZDep2013 scale of deprivation from 1 to 10 divides New Zealand into tenths of the distribution of the first principal component scores. For example, a value of 10 indicates that the meshblock is in the most deprived 10 percent of areas in New Zealand, according the NZDep2013 scores.It should be noted that NZDep2013 deprivation scores apply to areas rather than individual people.

The NZDep2013 is created by Researchers at the Department of Public Health, University of Otago, Wellington and the Division of Health Sciences, University of Otago.

Purpose of indexes

NZDep91, NZDep96, NZDep2001, NZDep2006 and NZDep2013 have been developed with three principal purposes in mind: resource allocation, research, and advocacy.

  • Indexes of deprivation have application in funding formulas. For example, indices of deprivation have a long history of being used in capitation funding formulas for primary health care services, the population-based funding formula for District Health Boards, and in funding formulas for social services in other sectors.
  • Indexes of deprivation have application in research in a variety of settings such as health and other social services. For example, in the health sector, many researchers use small area indexes to describe the relationship between socio-economic deprivation and health outcomes; increasing levels of deprivation are associated with higher mortality rates, and higher rates of many diseases.
  • Indexes of deprivation are used by community groups and community-based service providers to describe the populations they serve, and to advocate for extra resources for community-based services.

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We've also created a webmap for you to see which areas in New Zealand are the least and most socially deprived. 

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