GIS Demographic Data

Census data is critical to any organisation that markets products or provides services to consumers. Knowing where your target customers or citizens are can provide benefits like:

  • Better cut through/ROI on marketing campaigns

  • Reduced cost of delivery for public services

  • Improving access to critical infrastructure

  • Safer decisions for location of services

Old data = less effective decisions

Does your organisation make decisions based on census data? Make sure you have the right information to adapt rapidly to changes in demographics and your target communities with data that's correct.

The updated and improved version of VisualCensus provides a single source of the most recent Statistics New Zealand census data. VisualCensus offers data at all geographic levels for use within your GIS or BI application to enable you make better business decisions.


Using VisualCensus

There are just some of ways that organisations can use VisualCensus

  • Optimise retail networks

  • Determine strengths and weaknesses in competitor networks

  • Profile and acquire more profitable customers

  • Informing planning and zoning decisions

  • Planning market research activities

  • Underpinning policy development in the public sector

  • Planning targeted communications to customers and citizens

Why VisualCensus?

Single delivery of data. We take the hard work out of matching Census data to geographic boundaries and provide this in one single delivery.

Built for action.  Providing census results in spatial formats allows you to get on with making decisions without having to spend hours re-organising data.

Available now

Ensure your decisions are based on the latest demographic landscape. If you have any questions about VisualCensus product features please call us on 0800 MAPPING (627 746).  You can also email us at


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Find out about all of the great features by downloading the VisualCensus datasheet.

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Also includes NZ Dep 2013

VisualCensus also includes the Index of Deprivation for New Zealand at meshblock and area unit levels. The Index is a powerful dataset  for use in research and analysis.