Critchlow National Address Register

What is CNAR?

Critchlow National Address Register (CNAR) is New Zealand’s most trusted source for aggregated address points linked to roads and place names. If you or your customers need to validate, standardise, geocode, and process addresses within New Zealand, CNAR offers unmatched data accuracy in a format that is compatible and consistent.

What are the benefits of CNAR?

Well, they’re two-pronged. If you’re a company that supplies address validation and geocoding software to your clients, CNAR should be a part of your offering. Or, perhaps you could do with it in your own business – and there are plenty of ways we can deliver it to you, as part of IQ Office being just one of them.

Whether it’s your customers or your own organisation utilising the power of CNAR, here’s what you can look forward to…


A Single Source of Truth

A single source of truth for all your address validation, geocoding, and address processing solutions means less work for you and data that's consistent and accurate in one place.

Regular Updates

CNAR is rebuilt monthly, with monthly, quarterly, and annual deliveries which means you'll get high hit rates that will fit within your budget, and data that's up to date.


Caters to Your Data Use Needs

CNAR data is extracted and supplied in spatial and non-spatial formats with the attributes you need. Don't alter your processing system - CNAR offers up exactly what you want, how you want it.


Increase Understanding of Assets, Decrease Cost

The ability to analyse existing customer locations means easy, cost-effective, and consistent assessments for all your customer, product, sales, zoning, and risk-based needs.


Where does CNAR’s source data come from?

CNAR is a best-of-breed address database made up of data from New Zealand’s leading address point and locality suppliers including NZ Post, Land Information New Zealand, NZ Fire Services Suburbs, and Critchlow’s own NationalMap Road Centrelines.

All of the data that comes in from the suppliers above is pulled together and presented to you (or your clients) in a way and on a platform that will be most beneficial for you.

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