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Whispir Technical Support

On this page you will find the details you need to log either an emergency request, or a non-emergency request for Whispir depending on the nature of the issue you’re experiencing.

Logging an Emergency Request

Emergency technical support requests are responded to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If your system is down or a major problem strikes during an activation or exercise, call our 24/7 call centre on the free phone numbers below and provide your contact details and a brief description of the problem.

Australia:  1800 440 373 
New Zealand:  0800 932 111 

Your call will be received by our call centre and they will contact our Whispir support team immediately.

Non-Emergency Support Request

Log a non-emergency support request or email [email protected].nz and outline the issue, the impact on your operations, the assistance you require, and your contact details.

If email access is not available, please call the 24/7 emergency support number during normal business hours, explaining it's a non-urgent matter.

Your request will be received by our Helpdesk and processed during our normal business hours.

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    Quick Contact

    New Zealand: 0800 746 647

    Australia: 1 800 006 920

    email:  [email protected]