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Critchlow provides MapInfo training sessions so you can maximise what you can achieve with your software. To help you work smarter, not harder, all of our courses are delivered by professional instructors who have years of experience with MapInfo solutions.

Public MapInfo Pro Training Courses

Our public MapInfo training courses are held in Wellington. These courses emphasise practical applications of the products, through a range of hands-on exercises.

The courses are held at our office at Level 1, 22 The Terrace, Wellington.

Onsite MapInfo Pro Training Courses

Our onsite courses offer the same materials as the public MapInfo training courses, with the added convenience of us coming to you. For onsite courses, we customise our material to meet your company's specific technical and scheduling needs.

MapInfo Pro Public Training Schedule

To book training sessions, you can call us on 0800 627 746, or fill in the training enquiry form. We will contact you to confirm your booking and provide any other information you need.

For training outside of Wellington, please get in contact.
Please note, training is for 64-bit MapInfo only.

Course Information

Learn more about the courses we offer!

Introduction to MapInfo

The Introduction to MapInfo training course is designed to teach new users the key skills needed to begin MapInfo projects. No previous experience in GIS is required, however, computer literacy is a prerequisite. You'll learn how to:

  • Create map layers and templates using tables and workspaces
  • Manipulate the position, size, shape and look of the map
  • Navigate through the information layers and uncover hidden data relationships
  • Use the import and export tools to exchange vital information between external databases
  • Use the powerful SQL based data engine to search, query and update data columns
  • Manage, merge and organise databases
  • Present data in tables, graphs and thematic maps
  • Use the layout features to design and display graphics 

On the introductory course, users learn the key competencies they’ll need for their work. It starts with the basics and builds the user’s skill levels over two days. The course is a mix of theory and interactive tutorials.
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Advanced MapInfo

The Advanced MapInfo training course is designed for experienced users. This course progresses users and helps them develop advanced skills.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Give your maps a professional look, so they stand out from the rest
  • Turn your corporate database into a map with geocoding - include sales prospects, customer records and property assets in your GIS
  • Learn to fix a workspace so you can access previous sessions
  • Use scripting to make everyday tasks easier
  • Access your information effectively with advanced SQL queries
  • Select, clean and update your data efficiently
  • Explore the extra dimension that raster images can add to orthophotos, satellite imagery, and scanned paper maps
  • Keep your object data up to standard with good digitising techniques
  • Collect data or share data with other people who use a GIS or GPS
  • View and maintain live data from remote sources in MapInfo, using ODBC/DBMS to connect to your corporate system
  • Use the powerful redistrict management tool to organise your customers or assets into territories
  • Solve your document filing troubles by using the MapInfo hotlink tool to attach external information to MapInfo objects
  • Produce sophisticated thematic maps (e.g. bi-variant thematics) to maximise your data presentation
  • Use the mbx tools to make your advanced tasks quicker and easier to perform
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Want more information on the MapInfo training courses?

Fill in our training enquiry form and one of our team will be in contact to discuss your requirements.

Training Offer

Book any training course two months in advance and receive a 10 percent discount.
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Training Offer

Book any training course two months in advance, and receive a 10 percent discount.
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Contact Us

Talk to us now to discover more about how we can help. 

NZ:  0800 627 746

Intl: +64 4 472 8244