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We develop sophisticated route planning and optimisation solutions that solve complex routing problems, reduce route planning time, maximise fleet utilisation and deliver outstanding business results.

Whether managing emergency response, a fleet, sales team, making deliveries or picking up waste material, figuring out the most efficient way to deploy your resources isn't always easy.

Factors like resource availability, vehicle capacity, driving conditions and time constraints can make planning logistics or transport networks difficult and very time consuming. It can take weeks or months to plan a network manually.

With Critchlow's smart route planning and optimisation tools like route planning software, bespoke application development and specialist datasets, this task can be reduced to days or even hours.

How We Can Help

Critchlow offers a range of services to support improved route planning and optimisation.

Services range from route audits to identify potential opportunities for improving fleet utilisation to providing specialist datasets that can be integrated into existing corporate systems.

As well as providing off-the-shelf route planning software, we also develop sophisticated geospatial routing applications, and undertake simple routing analysis services like establishing the time or distance from point A to point B. Our full range of services includes:

  • Route audits
  • Route planning
  • Route optimisation application development
  • Accurate road navigation data
  • Route planning software
  • Systems integration
  • Routing services like drive time analysis

More about our smart routing services.

Route Optimisation Case Studies

Read this case study about a route planning solution that we developed, which has helped our client achieve measurable results.

Greenfingers: A refuse collection agency implemented a Critchlow-designed solution that vastly improved its route planning and significantly improved operational efficiency including a 25 percent increase in daily collections. Read more >

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