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    Emergency Management

    When emergency managers respond to a disaster, being able to see the full picture at a glance, means they can co-ordinate effectively, and make better decisions, faster.

    WebEOC® is a proven emergency management solution with hundreds of installations worldwide, and its highly secure environment and simplicity of operation have made WebEOC® the low-risk solution of choice for emergency managers around the world. 

    Used by state, federal and local agencies as well as commercial enterprise throughout Australia, our emergency management solutions are used by emergency and event managers to get an accurate view of what is happening, where and to whom, and to enable all parties to collaborate through a simple, secure interface, so that they can make the right decisions, fast.

    How We Can Help

    We sell and service the market-leading WebEOC range of crisis incident management solutions, including training and implementation services, strategic consulting, as well as 24/7 customer support.

    Using the real-time, web-based, WebEOC solution suite, emergency managers gain a common operating picture, and are able to:

    • Gather and filter all the information they need to make strategic and operational decisions under pressure, and to assign, priortise and allocate tasks
    • Co-ordinate and manage real-time emergency or event response and communications across Police, health, emergency services and other agencies
    • Rapidly provide emergency managers, operations staff, public officials and the media key data they need to do their jobs effectively
    • Use visual dashboards and dynamic real-time mapping to instantly track the status of people, places, supplies, transport and other resources in context with changing risks and hazards.

    More About WebEOC

    Discover more about the WebEOC range of solutions including WebEOC, WebEOC Maps and WebFUSION. Read more >

    Emergency Management Case Study

    WebEOC™, implemented and supported by Critchlow, is enabling the Northern Territory Police to deliver a co-ordinated response in times of crisis through its remote access framework and the ability for multiple agencies to access and input data in real-time.  Read more >


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