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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are two sides of the same coin - yet so many organisations create BC plans that aren't integrated with DR plans (and vice versa).

They are developed and managed separately because, until recently, it's been too complicated to bring them together - too much (or too little) data was available, there were too many dependencies to be mapped, and too many changes happening too frequently to keep everything current and accurate. Thus, people did what they could, applying a "best endeavours" approach.

But times are changing. Impacts of earthquakes, floods, physical and information security threats and more are putting increased pressure on organisations to prove their capability to recover when disruption occurs.

Governance groups are demanding evidence that robust plans exist and are challenging their currency and completeness.

They want proof that plans have been tested and they want to see continual improvement. They need to know that the biggest vulnerabilities in the business are being managed and that recovery will happen when (not if) disruption occurs.

Great news: these barriers have now been removed. BC/DR has never looked so good.

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How We Can Help

With Sungard Availability Services’ AssuranceCM solution, Critchlow is assisting business leaders and business continuity professionals to:

  • Engage across the business to find the vulnerabilities that matter
  • Guide the next best action
  • Expect change and accommodate often
  • Take what is learned back to the planning cycle and share it across the organisation.

This is how confidence in your business continuity programme is created and better outcomes are delivered.

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