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During an event your customers, staff and stakeholders need to be fully informed, in real time.

Whispir delivers a resilient notification platform for both emergency and everyday situations, removing the reliance on internal email systems and manual call trees. The fully hosted and managed platform ensures an uninterrupted supply of information and communication between stakeholders. With advanced multichannel communication options, organisations are no longer reliant on any single communication channel or key person for information delivery.

Using tailored message templates and predefined distribution lists, targeted messages can be sent simultaneously via SMS and email, and may be used to pass information to and from system operators and through to customers, staff, stakeholders, government agencies, and emergency services.

Whispir underpins your organisation's emergency communications, providing a platform for communicating directly with all relevant stakeholders. The Whispir network delivers an ultra-resilient connection to ensure messages can be rapidly delivered to quickly resolve any issues and minimise potential risk.

The right people talking in real time during an incident.

Whispir's conversation platform makes it easy to:

  • Automate call trees and teleconferences, without the need to remember phone, account or PIN numbers
  • Ensure person-to-person and device-to-device escalation across multiple channels to ensure a response
  • Manage events in real time, including full analytics, executive dashboards and reporting
  • Communicate even when internal systems are down, via mobile apps, tablet or web interface
  • Use full audit trail for compliance, planning and future risk mitigation.
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