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What's new in WebEOC v8.3...


The v8.3 release of WebEOC introduces the most intuitive, visually appealing, and comprehensive mapping solutions to date. Maps and Maps Add-On respond to the needs of clients whilst simultaneously bringing to the table a series of new functions that seamlessly integrate with boards for improved workflows and a more comprehensive operating picture.

These new platforms retain the majority of the features of Mapper Lite and Mapper Professional that you know and love but change the look and feel of the overall solutions for the better.


Maps is the free integrated solution that comes standard with any WebEOC instance and most closely resembles Mapper Lite in its function and capabilities.

Maps Add-On

Maps Add-On goes above and beyond the standard functions. This new offering, akin to the Mapper Professional solution, allows for the creation of an unlimited number of maps, map layers, custom configurations, and more. 

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Want to upgrade to WebEOC v8.3 and the new Maps Add-On and Maps features?

You can download the newest release through the Intermedix Client Hub or contact us and we'll get it sorted for you.